It may be winter, but it is never too early to start prepping for a safe riding season.

If you live near the veiny network of ATV/OHM trails around the state - you can jump on your machine at home, flick the throttle, and you’re sending rooster tails down the path. Maybe you drive to the OHV trails in your lightly built jeep. There’s something to be said about good ol’ fashioned 4WD, without spending a ton of money on lockers, tires, and axles.

Emily Blind Lake ATV Trail & The Chisholm Trail


For many years, the Emily-Outing Trail in Crow Wing County dead-ended in the City of Emily, and the Blind Lake Trail in Aitkin County dead-ended at Blind Lake. That all changed on September 15th, with the grand opening of the Emily Blind Lake ATV Trail. It connects the two trails at their south ends, creating a 75-mile loop with a wide variety of terrain.

The 570 Project

What exactly is the 570 Project?

Like many ATV riders, Ben Mooers and Dean Schliek started out on 400 and 500 cc Class 1 ATVs, and later moved to side-by-sides, Class 2 ATVs. This year, they went back to their roots, riding all summer on a couple Class 1 570s on loan from an ATV dealer. They called it the “570 Project.” Here is what they had in mind and what they found out, in a Q&A we did with Ben.

From the Expert

Filtering Out Some Misconceptions About Oil

Q&A with Len Groom, technical product manager at AMSOIL

Oil is oil. It’s not affected by riding in mud and water, or adding big tires, tracks and other mods to your ATV, right? Not exactly. To get some insight on engine oil and other lubricants, we visited with Len Groom, technical product manager for powersports at AMSOIL. Here’s what he had to say.

By Dave Halsey