This year marks the 35th Anniversary of the Minnesota 4 Wheel Drive Association.

The Minnesota 4 Wheel Drive Association was officially incorporated on May 22, 1987, to unify all clubs and create one single organization that could advocate as a whole, rather than fighting for off-roading rights individually.

Why Wheel a Wrecker?

Short answer, because we can

Though, there is more to the BSF Recovery Team story than that.

Learning to Learn

Slow down jade, take a breath

I was perched on a couple tractor tires trying to go forward, when all my Jeep wanted to do was go sideways. We were up at Ma and Pa Rockers in Lake Nebagamon and a friend was spotting me. After inching back and forth to get moving the right way, I started to feel rushed, like I needed to get out of there.

Below Zero Adventure

Below Zero Adventure

Patrick Warren

Patrick has always had many passions, including the outdoors and aftermarket vehicle modifications. At an early age growing up on the farm, Warren has fond memories of being outside finding ways to create his own fun on the farm. He was an avid Boy Scout and spent many nights under the stars and weekends earning badges. Warren worked in the vehicle aftermarket industry and he currently works at local Jeep aftermarket manufacture, Iron Rock Offroad in Shakopee, Minnesota.